Khalsa Aid Help For Rohingya Muslims Appreciated

DHAKA : The efforts of  Sikh International organization Khalsa Aid volunteers who reached  the Bangladesh – Burma border to organize relief work for Rohingya Muslims are being appreciated by  all persons who believe in humanity .They are being showered with praise .Their efforts are being  appreciated not only in Bangladesh ,India ,Pakistan but almost all over the world .

Many teams of Khalsa Aid have reached  the  border villagein Bangladesh .Their relief work for Rohingya Muslims has created a lot of interest among people all over the worldwho want to know  about this organization .

But it is not the first time that Khalsa  Aid is  providing humanitarian aid in any conflict or disaster zone .The organization is doing such service for the last few decades .

What is Khalsa Aid?

Khalsa  Aid is an international organization. Its aim is to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world  .The organization says that it is based on the Sikh principle of “ Recognize whole Human Race as One .”

Activities of Khalsa Aid include Langar Aid .It is the dedicated initiative to provide emergency food and water supply in disaster and war zones.

Relief Programs For Refugees

The Khalsa Aid organization is running many relief projects in all over the world .But as the Islamic world is inflicted with wars; many Khalsa Aid projects are being organized in many Muslim countries like:

Afghanistan, Libya ,Iraq , Syria , Somalia and other African countries .

Khalsa Aid is providing Langar or free food to 200 Yazidi Iraqis refugees in Iraq since 2014 .At present Khalsa Aid is also helping flood victims in USA and Haiti.

Khalsa Aid volunteers also worked closely to provide free food to the refugees displace by war in Yemen .There are 25 lakh Yemeni refugees who took shelter in various countries.

Khalsa Aid For Rohingya Muslims

Khalsa Aid volunteers reached Bangladesh – Burma border  few days ago.They began Lunger for the Rohingya Muslims .They are organizing relief camps and relief activities there .They are being much appreciated on social media .



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  1. I really proud Khalsa Volunteers बहुत कम लोग होते है जो किसी के काम आते है ।मैं सलाम करती हु आपको ओर आपकी हिम्मत ओर मेहनत को। बर्मा से आये हुए मुस्लिमों के लिए आप जो कर रहे हो।अल्लाह आपको कामयाब करे,जहाँ तमाम मुसलिम सिर्फ़ बोल रहे है ।आप काम कर रहे हो।में आपके साथ जुड़ना चाहती हुँ ।

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