Karni Sena Threatens Of Violence , Burning Theatres

MUMBAI: The controversy over film PADMAVATI is getting serious as threats are being of violence are being issued openly, and Rajput Karni Sena leaders while threatened to put screens on fire also said that they will cut the nose of Deepika Padukone .


The Karni Sena leaders  are openly threatening to take law into their hands if the film is released .Although issuing threats is also an offence it seems that nowhere in the states from where such threats are being issued , any offence has been registered against Karni Sena leaders .So they are highly motivated for violence .

According to reports Rajput Karni Sena has planned a Bandh and Hartal to protest against the release of the film .The film is being released on December 1.

The Rajput Karni Sena Chief Lokender Singh Kalwi openly threatened of arson and burning if the film is released .He threw challenge if anyone can stop them .He also challenged that his Sena will  not allow the film to be released .




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