KASGANJ: Jamiat ul Ulema e Hind alleged that son of  former CM Kalyan Singh Mr.Rajbieer Singh who is also local BJP MP is fuelling  to fire in Kasganj ,and he is pressurizing local administration for filing fake cases against local Muslims .This city which has 40 % Muslim population is under the grip of fear .

A delegation of Jamiat ul Ulema visited the city  on fact finding mission .Local Muslims alleged that police and district administration is biased against Muslims and they are acting under the influence of local BJP MLA and MP .

The fact finding learnt that the rioters attacked main market of the city .They looted and burnt shops belonging to traders from minority community .But police officials also booked them in riots cases .Such discrimination and biased action is being done under the influence of local BJP MLA and MP , it is alleged .

It is said that those Muslim traders who lost their properties were also implicated in attempt to murder cases .The Jamiat fact Finding committee deplored such biased action of district administration .

The members of the fact finding committee also alleged that police and district officials abetted and cooperated with rioting mobs .They allowed rioters to committed crimes against minority community.It is alleged that Muslim community suffered heavy losses in the riots .

The committee said that Muslims in the affected areas were actually celebrating Republic day and they were unfurling national flag .

But activists of VHP and ABVP disturbed their celebrations .They told local Muslims to unfurl Bhagwa flag .They raised objectionable, challenging and communal slogans due to which there was tension in the area.

The fact finding committee also said that apart from death of one persons , several persons were injured in the riots .Many persons have been destroyed economically as their houses and business establishments were destroyed by violent criminals and communal ghoondas .Many have been rendered unemployed and many innocent persons have been put into jails .Jamiat ul Ulema formed legal and relief committees to help innocent victims , the committee said .




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