MUMBAI: Film star Kader Khan comes from a very poor Pathan family and his life story is as  interesting and  as inspiring as any  sensitive and   subjective Bollywood  film .

He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in a very religious

but poor family .His mother Iqbal Begum was divorced when Kader Khan was a very small child .Her mother came to Mumbai along with her children  , where a large number of Pathans lived then .

She got a house in Kamathipura 1st lane which was a notorious red light area infested with prostitutes, transgender, pimps, criminals and anti-social elements.

Her mother was advised by the elders of local Pathan community of Mumbai that a young Pathan woman with a little child  must not live alone in this city .So she married an honest , hardworking  Pathan  Abdul Rehman who was a religious scholar and who worked as a taxi driver to earn bread and butter .

Kader Khan’s parents lived in a very miserable life due to their limited income and poverty but Iqbal Begum wanted her son Abdul Kader to get highest possible education despite their poor conditions.

She got Kader Khan admitted into a nearby Municipal School .There were many poor families in that area in those time who could not afford to get their children educated .Such poor children did odd jobs and earned few Annas daily .

There was a scrap market near  Kamathi pura 1st  lane where children from poor families used to sell scrap collected throughout the day and thus they earned some money .

Kader Khan was very sensitive and he saw that his parents could not affords even two time meals every day .Her mother slept empty stomach on many occasions to feed her children.

So he decided to earn some money for his family like other children of the area .When her mother came to know about this ,

she said to her son .”If you will run after 2 Annas today leaving your education, you will run after 2 Annas for your whole life .But if you will work hard today to get education, a time will come when name, fame , money will run after you   .”

These worked wonder on the small child and he pledged to work hard , set higher goals and  get highest education possible .Her mother’s words proved right.A time came in the life of Kader Khan when name , fame as well as money ran after him .



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