Jewish Community of Turkey Hosts Iftar Party

ISTANBUL: Jewsih community in Turkey hosted an Iftar party in the Edirne Province .According to a World Bulletin news Governer of Edrine province Gunay Ozdamir  said that such  dinners are good examples of  how people of different faith can live together in peace .

The Iftar party was hosted near the famous Selimiya Masjid .More than 1100 people from different faiths attended this Iftar party .

According to the report Mr.Ishak Ibrahem zadeh , president of Jewish Community of Turkey said that this is the fourth interfaith dinner organized by their organization .He also said that every year people of the province are expressing greater interest in such event .

Meanwhile , the Turkish officials said that Turkey hosted Iftar parties in 150 countries of the world which included  many  countries in Africa , Balkan , Bangladesh , Maynmar .

According to another report by World Bulletin ,Turkey’s state aid agency hosted an Iftar party for more than 300 orphans in Jordan .During the holy month of Ramadhan , this was second Iftar party hosted by Turkey for the orphans of Jordan .The Turkish official agency will also host a third such event for the orphans soon , the officials said .

The report also said the Turkey also hosted Iftar party in Macedonia.The Iftar party was attended by President of Macedonia and First lady of that country .




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