Is There Israeli Hand Behind Rohingya Muslims Killing ?

LONDON: Is there Israeli hand behind Myanmar’s genocide against Rohingya Muslims? This question is being raised by many sections.The modus operandi of Myanmar military  has similarities with Israeli  oppressions in Palestine .It must be  note worthy that Burma got independence in 1948 and Burmese politician did not like Rohingya Muslims to be the citizens of their country , as Burmese felt they are of foreign origin .

Israel was also found in the occupied Palestine in a biggest land grab conspiracy in the same year i.e. 1948.The  relations between anti Muslim Israeli and  Burmese  establishment dates  as far back as 1949 . Mynmar was the first nation in  Asia which recognized Israel in 1949 and established diplomatic relation with that  Zionist expansionist country in 1955.

The Myanmar is supported by Israel as Israel is supplying arms to Myanmar and the Burma army is using such arms and training to kill Rohingya Muslims .Israel must have been source of mischief for Myanmar military.

Whatever Israel is doing from 1948 against the Palestinian, including land grab , genocide , forcing local population to flee and live in other countries as refugees , then brand all resistances of oppressed people as terrorists to gain  blinded world’s sympathy .

All such devilish Israeli tactics are being used by Myanmar military against Rohingya Muslims. The Israel had good relations with every Myanmar government right from 1949.Even when military government brought the country under their rule, Israel maintained good relations with military  after it revolted to from a military government  in Myanmar .

Present Myanmar army chief  Senior General Min Aung Hilaing visited Israel in 2015.He met a number of influential persons from government , Israeli armed forces , defense contractors , arms dealers , Israeli military industry leaders who are  called as merchants of death and destruction , as they are exporting weapons and technology of mass destruction to all over the world .

Such  background  of Israeli  cooperation with Myanmar rulers and specially with Myanmar army  gives credence to the theory that  there is Israeli hand behind whatever is being done in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims .

Therefore, when some thinkers are warning that Israel through Myanmar is making another Palestine in South East Asia, to make millions of Rohingya and Burmese Muslims stateless people , the accusations   that there is  Israeli hand behind Myanmar , seem correct .




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