Israeli Forces Stole Important Documents During Forceful Closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque

JERUSALEM: It has been alleged by Palestinian sources that Israeli forces committed theft of important and historical documents, which were kept in Al Aqsa Mosque last month when they closed the Al Aqsa Mosque for two days.

These documents which the Israeli forces are alleged to have stolen, pertained to Jerusalem’s properties and endowments. Israel has notoriety of forging documents, so it is apprehended that this theft was a planned conspiracy of the Israeli government.


“The Israeli forces stole these documents from the libraries, rooms and documentary archives of Al Aqsa when its forces were alone during the forcible closure” said Mr. Hasan Khater, Chairman of the Jerusalem International Center.


He also revealed that these documents include details, secrets, signatures and it is feared that Israel can harm these important documents & can forge or misuse them. Sources say that 90% of the properties in the holy city of Jerusalem belonged to the Palestinian endowments.

Khater alleged that Israel has bad reputation of forging documents and there is a risk of forging such documents which Israeli forces stole, cannot be ruled out.

They have the ability to forge documents & they can harm the endowment properties of Muslims in the holy city. This conspiracy can used to forge documents for Judaizing of the holy city, he alleged.


Noting that Judaization of Al Quds is the main battle between Palestinians and Israelis, he suspects that the documents stolen from Al Aqsa Masjid will be gravely misused for ulterior motives. He said that the theft of these important documents are a real disaster.

However in another press statement, the Islamic Waqf running Al Aqsa Mosque explained that they conducted the investigations into the allegations that Israeli forces committed thefts of important documents during the closure of Al Aqsa Mosque.

But all the documents and historic material remained safe. Report however said that Israeli forces, while in search operation, damaged chemical material and equipment used to preserve documents. Many lockers were found damaged. Israeli forces broke up lockers while conducting unjustified searches.

Wakf however said that Israeli forces illegally logged into the computers of the endowments. Its highly possible that they stole the data of these computers while copying them illegally.

Wakf officials said that it might be possible that Israelis copied all data saved in these computers. In the Al Aqsa library, a DVR was stolen, a painting of Dome of Rock was damaged and lockers were broken, the statement said.



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