BEIRUT : “Israeli PM Netanyahu is only planning of wars .Israeli regime under their idiotic PM is pushing the region into war .The Israeli do not have correct assessment of where this war will lead them , if they ignite it ,” said Syed Hassan Nassrallah , the secretary general of Lebanese organization Hezbollah  .

He made such observations while delivering his speech on the occasion of Ashura .

The Hezbollah leader further said in a veiled warning  that the Israelis do not have correct picture of what is in waiting for them , if they go to the idiocy of war .He indicatated that Israel is planning for a new  war in the region , along with Lebanon and REGIONAL COUNTRIES .

He instructed the jewish settlers in occupied Palistine , who came from different countries of the world and settled down in occupied areas where lakhs of original Palestinians were displaced .

“All the Jewish settlers in occupied Palestine must leave the occupied territories and must return to the countries of their origin as they would have neither time , nor place to escape after the bigining of a war by Israel on Lebanaon and other regional countries ,”

Syed Hassan Nassrulah said .He also cautioned that if Israel lets loose another war with Lebanon, the Zionist settlers will pay heaviest price , and the entity will face a demise .He  noted that Isreal intiated 2 wars in Lebanon in 200 and 2006 ,but on both the occasions Hezbollah  fighters inflicted heavy losses on Israel .

He alleged that during the past few time , Israeli are threatening of new wars in Lebanon .He also said that ISIS terrorists are also a big threat in this region and they defamed Islam and Islamic teachings .He said that all those who created ISIS , helped them , financed them supported them with weapons must also be made accountable for crimes committed by ISIS .




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