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KARACHI: Hazrat Lal Shah Shahbaz Qalander was a famous Sufi Saint of Sindh in Pakistan. The Mazar or the Shrine of this great mystic draws faithful from all over the world specially Pakistan. The Sufi mystical order has large number of followers in this country.

The Tomb of Hazrat Lal Shah Shahbaz Qalander, located in Sehwan, 193 KM away from the port city Karachi, was targeted by ISIS killing more than 100 persons, which included many women and children.

There have been two Sufi masters who were conferred the rare title of ”QALANDER” due to the attainment of their spiritual piety. One is Hazrat Abu Ali Shah Qalander of Panipat, Haryana, India and other is Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander of Sehwan, Karachi, Pakistan.

The real name of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander is Syed Usman Marwandi. He was among the families of Jafar Sadiq, a direct descendent of Holy Prophet (PBUH).  Lal Shahbaz is his title as also he has been given another mystic title of Qalander. The 12th or 13th century Sufi is said to be an ardent devotee of Hazrat Ali (Allah is pleased with him).

The origin of Dhamal is traced to Persian words Deh Meel which means Ten Miles. The experts say that in original Dhamal, there was no dance as it is today presumed and has been adopted. But as the original Persian words indicated, it was some form of Sufi’s and Qalandar’s way of  expressing their gratitude to the martrys of the holy war of Karbala and expression over their sufferings. Over a period of time, Dhamal changed the form and turned into a kind of dance, which presumed to be some folk tradition, were introduced into it, some experts say. ISIS objected to this Dhamal tradition, and carried out a terrorist attack against the Shrine, it is said.

Deputy Commissioner Munawar Maheesar affirmed the death included no less than four kids and 12 women in the recent shrine bomb attacks. The Assistant Superintendent of Police in Sehwan said a suicide bomber entered the hallowed place through its Golden door. The assailant exploded himself after tossing a grenade which defused and failed to explode, he added. The blast occurred in the zone where the DHAMAL (a Sufi custom) was being performed in the wake of night petitions.

Army Called In For Help

A substantial number of atheists, from various beliefs and from around the nation, visited the pious 22shrine on Thursdays — a day of profound importance in Pakistan’s altar culture. Security for the shrine was fixed over the region taking as a measure after the recent attack. Head of Army Headquarters General Qamar Javed Bajwa, taking after the assault, coordinated that prompt help be given to common specialists. Armed force troops were dispatched alongside restorative work force. Consolidated Military Hospital Hyderabad was likewise alarmed to get hold of the losses.

Imran Khan Condemned Attack

Air departure of the harmed was begun from Nawabshah airplane terminal, the military had entrusted a C-130 flying machine and helicopters to help in the action. The victims were taken to Karachi and Hyderabad, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said. A portable measurable van of the Sindh Police was dispatched to the holy place taking after the assault. Pakistani political party Tehreek-i-Insaf’s  chairman Imran Khan denounced the suicide impact and said he was stunned and disheartened on the fear based oppressor assault which targeted innocent people including ladies and youngsters.




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  1. jab jab Allah ke Mehboobo ke Araam-gah pe DHAMAAL jaisa Bad Amal kiya jayega Beshaq Allah Ka Azaab too aana hi hai ….ab ki ISIS ke saql mein ye aaya hai..ya Allah Humey tere Mehboob(ﷺ) ke laa’ye Deen ko samajh ke Amal ki Toufeeq ata farma..A’ameen.

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