MUMBAI: US intelligence Chief Daniel R Coats in his annual report has warned that India may be the battle ground of communal riots before Parliament elections if Modi led BJP stresses on “Hindu Nationalist Theme.” Now , as the US warning has been made public , has Government of India contested this report ?

Or has initiated any preventive measure to protect the country from communal violence ? Such questions assume importance .And if not ? can one believe the US intelligence warning as true ?

But such warning has not come as a surprise for many Indians. Several politicians including RAJ THACKREY of MNS Maharashtra have been warning of a possible outbreak of communal violence before Lok Sabha elections.

But what is important , the warning came from top US intelligence official this time .In his report titled , “2019 : World Wide Threat Assessment Of The US Intelligence Community ,” Daniel R Coat has said that Hindu communal leaders might incite low-level-violence to garner votes .

For many Indian experts, what US intelligence Chief has described as low-level – violence may be actually Muzaffar Nagar type riots directed against Muslim community and also against Dalit community to polarize vote banks before Nation goes to poll .

It is said that BJP got absolute majority in UP state assembly elections as a hate campaign was unleashed together with a chain of incidents of mob lynching and communal riots in the name of cow protection .That pattern may be followed in the coming elections , political experts fear .



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