LUCKNOW : The BJP leaders may be putting a brave face but they are very much worried of BSP-SP alliance in UP and they are trying from the day one of Rajya Sabha elections from UP to braek this alliance , it is said in the political circles .

Why ?

The political experts say that if this alliance is allowed to continue and grow , it will eat into at least 40 to 50  Lok sabha seats in UP alone .In Bihar , RJD is on the road to recovery and revival while Nitish Kumar may be punished by voters for making alliance with BJP after getting anti BJP votes in the last elections .

So it is feared that UP and Bihar can stop the March of  PM Modi towards the power in Delhi in 2019 .

Therefore , it is speculated that BJP  strategists will try hard to break the alliance of BSP-SP as the alliance routed BJP in the most strong Loksabha seat of Gorakhpur .

What this alliance will do in other Lok sabha seats during 2019 Lok sabha elections  is not very difficult to imagine .

The BJP has panicked and this message was echoed by none other than the BSP Chief  Mayawati  herself when she said addressing a meeting of BSP leaders and workers  .”The BSP-SP alliance has made the BJP panicky .Its leaders are making baseless statements against the leaders of the alliance .

Our candidate lost the Rajya Sabha elections as the BJP resorted to the misuse of government machinery and  money power .”

She further said that SP and BSP did not join hands for vested interests but they came together to provide relief to the people who are affected by the anti poor policies of BJP led NDA government.

She asked the party leaders and workers to prepare for the Loksabha elections .During the last Loksabha elections BSP was wiped out but this time the  BSP leadership hopes to win many seats as the alliance with SP will make them electorally much stonger than BJP in many Loksabha areas  .




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