TEHERAN: Iran successfully tested its new ballistic missile .A video footage of the missile being test fired was released today .the missile was displayed in the military parade in Teheran. Within few hours, it was test fired at an undisclosed location. The official media released the video of this test fire.The military parade in Teheran was attended by President Rouhani and  other senior Iranian officials .

The balliostic missile is aid to be of third type of Iranian missile with a range of  2000 km .The other two missiles are Qadr F and Sijjil .The new missile is capable of carrying multiple war heads .The new ballistic missile Khurramshaher  has become smaller in size , more tactical and it will be operational soon , said military officials .

Iran’s defense minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that the Islamic republic does not require any permission from any one to bolster its defenses .The defense minister said that  his country will continue to produce different missiles and land , naval , aerial defense system and it does not require any permission from any country for this .He also said that some countries are indulging into rhetoric but Iran will continue to make the defense strong at any cost .

He also said that Irans missiles capabilities are being enhanced for purely defense purposes .During the speech at 72nd UN assembly US President Trump had alleged that Iran is building dangerous missiles .

epa03293474 The upgrade version of medium range missile Shahab-1, is launched during the second day of military exercises, codenamed Great Prophet, by Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards at the Lut desert in southeastern Iran, 03 July 2012. Report said that on the second day of a military manoeuvre in the Lut desert in southeastern Iran, several missiles were successfully tested, without giving further details. The IRGC plans to test all of its short-, medium- and long-range missiles in the ongoing manoeuvre which took place one day after the European Union’s latest oil sanctions against Tehran went into effect. EPA/Mojtaba Heydari

The Iranian President Rouhani said that Iran’s missile programs are being carried out for purely defense purpose .The Iranian defense minister described the US President’s remarks as discourteous.”Our defensive plans , tactics ,and techniques correspond to the threats we face and country’s Geo-political situation .Iranian President Rouhani remarked , “I wish to underscore here that the defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran including our missiles are only for defense  purposes, and these work as deterrents for the maintenance of regional stability and prevention of adventurist tendencies of  irrational forces  .”



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