“BAS DON BANNA HAI MUJHE”: Introducing to you, “ Khalnayak 2 ”

There are millions across the world who have a role model to look upon for motivation. But this guy right here went way too many steps ahead to become the one he aspires.

Nadeem urf Billu Sanda, a contract killer by profession, by all means, is full of pride when it comes to his occupation and doesn’t give a shit about the world.

When arrested for one of his killings, Nadeem was interviewed before taking into custody and trust me, I’ve never seen a man this confident about his goals in life.

When asked about his childhood inspiration, “Bas shauk hai. Mera baap badmash tha. Main bhi isliye badmash hu”

Nadeem has been reportedly known for his constant escaping from the prison.He claims that his reason behind murdering people is Sanjay Dutt’s movie “Khalnayak” and since the day he has watched it, he dreamt of nothing but being like him (The Khalnayak of UttarPradesh, as he calls it).

Watch the epic interview of “Khalnayak 2” here:

Nadeem had already planned 5 killings by the time he was arrested.   He was taken under custody on 4th Jan 2017 but still claims to escape from prison within 6 months’ time.

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