Inspiring Indians for Complete Independence: The Pre-Hindutva Era of Savarkar

Hindutva ideologue V.D Savarkar was very much inspired by the bravery, zeal, heroism, sufferings and tragic fates of the leaders of 1857 Indian Uprising.

He wrote a book in Marathi in 1908 in London which was difficult to get published in India. However some Indian students staying in ‘India House’ that time translated it in English. After several efforts it got published in 1909 in Holland under the title “The Indian War Of Independence-1857”.

British Government banned this book which was also translated in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi and other languages. Congress Government of Bombay in 1946 lifted the ban on this book. It may be recalled that Savarkar propounded Hindutva ideology in 1924, nearly 16 years after writing his book on 1857 War of Independence, as he joined the Hindu Mahasabha.

The war of Independence in 1857 is marked by its tradition and values of Hindu-Muslim unity to fight united against British rule. Many historians described the war of 1857 as mutiny but Savarkar decided to interpret it as Indian War of Independence.

The purpose of writing book on history, as explained by Savarkar himself, was not only to present correct account of History but also to inspire his own people to rise again and wage a second war to liberate their motherland.

He also wanted the organization of  revolution, war-plan, strategy and tactics adopted by revolutionaries in 1857 to be placed through his book on History to common Indians so that it may also serve as the illuminating illustration of what had actually happened in the past.

He was convinced that absolute political Independence might be achieved only through another armed revolution against foreign occupiers. The historian Savarkar crafted history of Indian Uprising of 1857 , in such a revolutionary perspective that the new generations animated this.

He wanted to impress upon coming generations through his book on 1857 uprising, that absolute political independence can only archived by war for the liberation of our motherland. The book was written in Marathi in 1908 when Savarkar was 24 years old.



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