Inquiry Against Gaw Raksha Violence In Maharashtra Going On

MUMBAI: The BJP spokesman Shri Madhav Bhajdari said that he has complained to the Maharashtra government to order an inquiry into the alleged Gaw -Rakshaks , who  stop beef  and animal traders in the name of cow protection and resort to violence , and such inquiry is going on to expose criminals behind such incidents and their real motive .


During a TV discussion, the BJP leader said that there must be an in-depth inquiry into the violence and activities of so called Gaw Rakhshaks .He actually demanded that a judicial commission of inquiry must be appointed and it must look into the alleged violence and illegal activities of the so called Gaw Raksha Dals and Gaw Rakshaks .

Mr.Madhav Bhandari is a senior RSS member .He is the media chief and spokesman of BJP .He expressed his views on Gaw Rakshaks in a tv debate on IBN LOKMAT.

The other participants were Shri Nawab Malik , spokesman of NCP and MNS leader Mr. Sandeep Deshpande .

He however defended the cow protection movement .He said that the cow protection movement is 100 year old and it was not initiated by RSS. Leaders like Mahatama Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave supported Cow protection movement .He said that those who are carrying on cow protection movement do not believe in violence .

”But I believe that those elements who are resorting to the violence in the name Gaw Raksha have some vested interests and  they have nothing genuine to do with cow protection movement , “ BJP and RSS leader Madhav Bhandari said .

He further said that this violence in the name of Gaw Raksha must be inquired into to  expose  truth behind it , therefore inquiry into  such so called Gaw Raksha violence is going on in Maharashtra .

Shri Madhav Bhandari also explained to the participants of the debate that Maharashtra police in every district is conducting  inquiries into the activities and  violence of so called Gaw Raksha Dals .He also said that designated police officers are being appointed as per the directions of Supreme Court , in every district to keep an eye over the incidents of Gaw Rakshak violence and mob lynching .



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