Gazans face Israeli Siege with Courage and Innovation

GAZA: The Israeli siege of Gaza in the last decade has harmed life of the city to a very large extent. However bold and innovative Gazans are finding innovative methods of facing these problems. They are creative and innovative, while facing all troubles and problems created by Israel.

There is crisis of electricity with the citizens of Gaza getting only 3 to 4 hours of electricity daily. Regular crisis created by Israelis has encouraged Gazans to live on their meager resources with determination and courage. They discover their own resourcefulness & rely on themselves with innovative techniques to tackle with the situation.

Thus, the cars used by Gazans are often run on cooking oils. They build their homes from the mud bricks. They once organized a tunnel industry, which became the life-line of Gaza. However, in 2015 Egypt dismantled these tunnels which helped the Gazans earn their livelihood & look after socio-economic activities. Agriculture was one sector which was destroyed by Israeli Siege of the Gaza. This has created food security crisis in the area.

Palestinians are smart, determined, courageous and intelligent people. Thus since their agricultural lands have been destroyed or infringed by occupationist forces, they had to think of innovative ways to tackle agricultural problems.

They do not have sufficient land on the ground so they have reached to the rooftops. Gaza has adopted roof top farming in a very big way. Rooftop farming is another innovation for Gazans to live with determination. The project of rooftop farming in Gaza is being encouraged by United Nations Food and Agriculture Department.
Gazan women have been encouraged to resort to Aquaponics. This is a process of soil-less farming to grow vegetables with fish tanks and equipment. In this process, water of fish tanks, which is considered to be very nutrient-rich waste water, is used as fertilizer. The project initially started with 200 females, has since spread rapidly.


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