Indonesian Man Walks 9000 Km to Perform Hajj

MAKKAH: An Indonesian young Muslim covered 9000 km long distance from Central Java province, to the holy city of Makkah on foot, to fulfill his desire to perform Hajj this year. The courage, determination and exemplary conviction displayed by Mohammed Khameim Sitiawan is  being appreciated.

According to a detailed report in Saudi Gazette, that this Indonesian young and adventure loving Muslim began his journey to Makkah on August 28, 2016 last year.

He wore a T-Shirt, which inscribed with this sentence on back, “I am on my way to Makkah on foot and putting all my faith in God. “For this spiritual adventure he had a back pack, a copy of holy Quran, a couple of shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes , a dozen pairs of socks, several undergarments, a sleeping bag and tent, a portable torch, a smart phone, an Indonesian mini flag, a GPS and cash of 3 million Indonesian Rupiah (about 850 Saudi Rials), the report said .

His father,  74 year old Sayufani Solichin is proud of his son and told about the ability of great determination and conviction his son has. “Whenever he wants something, he will try whole heartedly to get it on his own. Nothing stops him. He is a man of strong conviction” he said.

However such a long distance of 9000 km between Java and Makkah was not small to cover walking. So, many of his family members and friends doubted his ability to achieve this feat.

According to Saudi Gazette report, his father was called by Indonesian ministry of religious affairs to offer NOC to the desire of his son to embark upon his spiritual adventure.

He began his journey last year. During the day, he  observed fast and traveled in night. He stayed in Mosques, public buildings, even in forests in some countries.

He fell sick twice, once in Malaysia and once in India. He consumed usual Halal food and  relied on honey mixed with water to develop immunity for his body against severe weather.

“I undertook this journey to Makkah on foot not due to lack of money. I have my good business at home. But my idea behind this Hajj journey by walk is to demonstrate solidarity among the Muslims” he said.



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