Why Indonesia Not Allowed Israel Prime Minister’s Plane?

Why Indonesia Not Allowed Israel Prime Minister’s Plane?

JAKARTA: Last year Israel banned Indonesian foreign minister’s visit to Palestine. As a retaliation to their action, Israeli Prime Minister’s plane was banned from using Indonesian airspace on Wednesday due to which they were forced to take a detour from Singapore to Australia.The plane landed in Australia after 11 hours flights at 6:30am in the morning all the way from Singapore. The normal flight time for the direct flights between Israel and Australia is approximately eight and a half hours. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Australia visited Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and he became the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit Australia.

Indonesia is one of the most populous Islamic countries in the world with the total population of 240 million. The country has strongly supported Palestine’s aspiration for independence. After the incident, spokesperson for Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Arrmanatha Nasir addressed the media. He said that since Israel and Indonesia have no diplomatic relations, the situation is normal with no reason for concern. Nasir also clarified that they followed the policy simply because the same was done with them last year.

In 2016, Foreign Minister of Indonesia was scheduled to visit Ramallah in Palestine in March. He was to inaugurate Honorary Consul of Indonesia. But the officials at Tel Aviv denied permission to Indonesian aircraft to fly to Palestine right before the departure. Last year Netanyahu had called for the formal establishment of diplomatic relations with Indonesia. The call was made after seeing many opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the field of technology. In response, the Indonesian government clarified that the ties will normalize only if Palestine got independence.

Eyes On the Australian Arms Market

Reports suggest that the visit of Netanyahu in Australia was due to the large arms and ammunition market there. Although Israel have a little presence in the continent, it hopes to grow its ties and develop its relations for large arms and ammunition trade. According to an Israel newspaper, Australia is on course of becoming one of the largest arms and ammunition purchaser in the world with an estimated plan to invest $25bn in the sector with a view to enhance its military presence in the surrounding regions citing threats of Islamic Radicalism in the nearby states of Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus banking on the Islamic Radicalism criteria, Israel seem to expand its arms, ammunition and war material supply market till Australia.

History being used to forge unholy alliance ?

The 100th commemoration of the Battle of Beersheba gives a perfect chance to update relations amongst Israel and Australia past presentations and acknowledgment of common objectives and qualities to solid collaboration , an Israeli daily paper worrying on the previous chronicled bends said .Australia assumed a key part in conveying to an end Ottoman govern in what later turned into the State of Israel, it asserted . This significant truth ought to fill in as a reason for future relations between the nations , it commented in one of its give an account of the Israeli PM’s visit to Australia .




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