INDIAN MUSLIMS FEELING INSECURE: Vice President of India Remarked

NEW DELHI: “Growing incidents of Mob Lynching, Cow-Fanaticism,  Gau-Raksha Violence and questioning the patriotism during the regime of Modi Government has made Indian Muslims feel insecure. The prevalent atmosphere also sent the feeling of uneasiness among Indian Muslims”

These are not the statements of any ordinary Indian Muslim Politician, these remarks had been passed by outgoing Vice President of India Mr.Hamid Ansari who held the prestigious post for a decade.

Mr.Hamid Ansari expressed his concerns about feelings of Indian Muslims and disappointing atmosphere created by extremists elements in the country.  He agreed to an assessment that Muslim community is apprehensive and that it was feeling insecure as a result of comments made against them.

The Outgoing Vice President of India, a former diplomat, Mr.Hamid Ansari shared his views, which can be construed as a very critical assessment of  Modi government in reference with the matters concerning Indian Muslim minority community. It is said that he has actually initiated a debate over the maltreatment of minority community and growing intolerant anti-Muslim atmosphere during the present regime.

Mr.Hamid Ansari also described that questioning of citizens for their love for India (he may be referring to the questioning of patriotism of Indian Muslims over petty controversial issues) is a very disturbing thought. The outgoing Vice President Of India sounded vocal on grave concerns confronting secular values of India when he referred to the incidents like Ghar Wapasi and alleged killings of rationalists as a breakdown of Indian values.

He accepted that he has been discussing all these matters with the PM and ministers but he did not divulged much details about these meetings. In spite of his reservations he was compelled to say that whenever he raised these matters with high authorities in the government some or the other reasons or explanations were forwarded. “Now this is a matter of judgment whether you accept the explanation or  you accept the reasoning and it’s rationale” remarked the outgoing Vice President of India.

The out going Vice President of India expressing his concerns also said ,”Something is obviously going very wrong. What exactly, I am not the final word on it, but I think there are enough number of people in the country who are worried about it.” These words certainly invite the necessity of a national debate.





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