When Saudi Arabia Banned Beef Imports from India!

MUMBAI: On August 7th 1983, Saudi Arabia banned beef imports from India. According to late Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh of Nagpur, several Hindu beef exporters rushed to their Arab clients accompanied by Deputy Commerce Minister in Union Cabinet Mr.P A Sangma, to plead with them to revoke the ban.

Then Cabinet Minister, P.A Sangma
Then Cabinet Minister, P.A Sangma

They assured the Arab clients that they are exporting only Halal beef to them.

Such ban on Indian beef exports by Saudi Arabia first time acknowledged that large quantities of beef had been exported from India to Arab nations and most of the beef exporters were Hindus.

Such Saudi ban on Indian beef, cancellation of orders, sudden embargo on deliveries from India, mostly affected Hindu exporters who were very active at government and political front for requesting Arabs to resume beef imports from India.

Muslim Nations followed the etiquettes of Sharia, which is followed in every step of life. Such Sharia rules and etiquettes are also followed in food and slaughtering of animals.

Indian Slaughter Houses have appointed special individuals to Sacrifice Cattle
Indian Slaughter Houses have appointed special individuals to Sacrifice Cattle

Only Halal way of slaughtering was permitted by Islam. Arab nations stipulated that Beef of only those animals which are slaughtered through Halal Islamic traditions will be allowed in their country.

During that time, ‘Deonar’ slaughter house in Mumbai and other new slaughter houses had adopted electric shock system of slaughtering, wherein, the animals were given electric shock before slaughter.

Muslims in Mumbai and other parts of India resented and opposed this system explaining that this process is against the Halal slaughtering tradition.

Arab Nations, on such reports, suggesting that Halal system is not followed in India while slaughtering the animals, banned imports of beef from India during that time.

India is the Highest Beef Exporter in the World
India is the Highest Beef Exporter in the World

The then Indian Government, under the intense pressure from Beef exporters, majority of who were Hindus, represented their case with Saudi authorities. They agreed to adopt to the guaranteed Halal process in all slaughter houses.

Since then, all big beef export houses, majority of whom are owned by Hindus, are slaughtering the animals according to Halal Sharia rules, as approved by Arab and Islamic Nations.



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