India Was Global Economic Power With 25.1% GDP During Mughal Period

NEW DELHI : The BJP leaders criticizing  Mughal rulers as traitors must study the history which says that united  India ( which the so called Hindutvadis usually call as Akhand Bharat ) was a global economic power only during the Mughal period .


The GDP of India during Mughal period was 25.1 % of the world economy. The united India , which included Pakistan , Bangladesh and Afghanistan also , saw “Sab Ka Sath ,Sab Ka Vikas “ in true spirit during Mugahl period (1526-1858 AD) as Indian was known as  Sone ki Chidya or Bird of Gold .


During that period India experienced unprecedented prosperity in the history and real Vikas was seen by the country during Mughal regime .Therefore the so called        Hindutvadis , who  still cannot provide clean drinking water and toilets to thousands of villages   in the country have no right to call Mughals as traitor and try to defame their historical monuments like Taj Mahal .

Their acts are like trying to spit on the sky.

According to some experts, India under Mughal rule was more developed country than Europe .An estimate of India’s pre – colonial economy puts the annual revenue of Mughal Emperor Akbar‘s treasury at 17.5 million pounds in 1600AD .In contrast of this after 200 years, i.e during 1800, the entire treasury of Great Britain, which occupied , captured and colonized many countries in the world , was  only 16 million pound.

During Mughal period the Indian economy was the second largest economy of the world .The Mughal emperors not only expanded the boundaries of India, but also saw that the march of India in development and economic progress continued.

Therefore, as the united India during Mughal period included 90 % of South Asia , the Mughal treasury during the regime of Mughal King Aurangzeb had  more than 100 million pound as annual revenue  .

During Mughal rule only ,India was a biggest agricultural as well as a manufacturing , Industrial country .These are the  facts from real history and the hate mongering Hindutvadis and venom spitting BJP leaders cannot be allowed to distort the historical facts .



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