Why Beef Ban did not Decrease India’s Beef Exports?

NEW DELHI: The statistics released by US agriculture department reveal that India during 2016 also topped as the world’s largest beef exporting country along with Brazil. The data further discovered that bulk of the India’s beef export during 2015-2016 had been to Asian countries.

Among top 15 importers of Indian beef 11 are Asian countries and 3 are African countries. Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq are included in the major importers of Indian beef but Vietnam leads all of them.

It is said that beef now tops as the India’s  No.1 Agri-Export product which displaced Basmati Rice from the top position.

India Beef Export

According to reports India exported 11, 92,327 tonnes of beef worth Rs. 23,646 Crores during April 2016 to February 2017. It is significant to note that India’s quantum of beef exports which jumped from 2009 has been increasing regularly in-spite of  change of power in 2014.

BJP became ruling party at the center and in several states .These BJP led governments implemented beef ban policies. Cow vigilantism rose to peak and turned violent. Mob lynching created fear among the minority community, butchers and animal traders.

Uttar Pradesh BJP Government immediately after coming to power enforced ban on slaughter houses and beef shops.


But this did not have any adverse effect on beef exports.

Why BJP’s crackdown against slaughter houses, beef shops, animal trade in the country did not reflect in Beef exports?

When the beef trade in several BJP ruled states saw severe fall in business, how the Indian beef exporters majority of whom are said to be Non Muslims saw regular increase in their beef export business in the same period ?

Such questions are being asked by local traders and butchers, who have felt adverse effects of beef bans .

The statistics show that beef exporters are not facing any trouble to run their business despite the beef ban. They competed with Brazil for number one position as beef exporting country.

They are still enjoying the top slot as biggest beef exporters of the world. India and Brazil during 2016, exported 20 % each of the total world’s beef exports.

It may be recalled that in 2009, India’s export was only 6 Lakh Tones per Year. But now it’s reaching up to 20 Lakh Tones per year.

This clearly means that BJP ruled Governments which are crying a loud protest against beef slaughter and imposing beef ban are silently supporting slaughter of beef for exports on a very large scale to help Indian beef exporters grow and retain India’s position as world’s largest beef export.

This shows dual policy adopted by BJP governments in internal and external matters as far as beef trade is concerned, local traders and butchers allege.


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