MUMBAI: The fornt organization of RSS , Rashtriya Muslim Manch which organized first ever Iftar Party in Mumbai on behalf of RSS is aggressively involved in the Ram Mandir Nirman  movement by RSS .So it is very  surprising that the Sangh and it organizations who are openly carrying out activities to constructa Ram Temple at the disputed  Babri Masjid site despite  the court hearings being going on , are  hosting Iftar party in the name of communal harmony and national integration .

Therefore many Muslim leaders and organizations who are apprehensive of the real agenda behind such  Iftar Party  have called for the boycott of such Iftar party .Many Muslim activists objected to the permission granted by the state government’s protocol department to RSS  to host Iftar party at the state government;s sahyadri Guest House .They wrote letters protesting against the permission granted.But it is very surprising when a  journalist inquired into the permission , and he was told that actually a permission  has been granted to Minority Welfare  Department but instead , Iftar Party of rashtriya Muslim Morcha is being held .

Those Muslim leaders and NGOs  who called for the boycott of the said Iftar party allege  that rashtriya Msullim Morcha is involved in the movement of construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya .They are being used by RSS to convey a fake  message that Muslim community also desires the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.Recently RMM also organized a so called Muslim women Conclave in Ayodhya to push for the construction of Ram Temple at Babri masjid site .

Yasir Jilani , an office bearer of  RMM said , “It will be very significant for Indian Muslims  to come out and make a contribution to the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya .This would send a message of peace and harmony in the world .”

The local Muslim leaders allege that as a reciprocal action for hosting Iftar party , the RSS may demand that Muslims must support the construction of Ram Mandir by handing over disputed site .It is presumed that for such plans , RMM is being  used , therefore , Muslims are against such Iftar parties .



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