Who Hurled Shoes At Owaisi ? How He Vanished ?

MUMBAI : Nobody could think that Asad Owaisi will become target at Nagpada junction , the stronghold of MIM which elected only MIM MLA in the state assembly .

But it is very surprising that an unknown person threw 2 shoes at MIM Chief Owaisi  when he was delivering the speech .There was a commutation as one after another two shoes reached the dais.

These shoes were hurled from right side of the stage where thousands of MIM leader’s fans were standing and listening to his speech .There was adequate police force .Then there were MIM volunteers placed around the stage.

In many cases where somebody tried to hurl shoes at any leader , the culprit was identified and apprehended on the spot .But it was very surprising that even many persons saw the direction from where two shoes were thrown towards the stage , nobody saw the person who threw two shoes one after another .

Another view is that there may be two persons who threw one shoe each toward Owaisi .But even these persons were not identified or caught red hand.

The  more surprising fact is that  the meeting was being monitored and video graphed  by many TV and social media cameras live .But not a single footage captured the persons who threw the shoes .Even more surprising is the fact that hundreds of MIM and Owaisi fans in the crowd were also capturing the meeting on their mobile phones .It is estimated that more than two hundred members from an audience of more than 5 thousands were making video clips .

But till date no such video clip surfaced which in social media which could have captured the person or persons who hurled shoes at MIM Chief Owaisi .

Nagpada police station registered an offence against some unknown persons but their investigation did not yield concrete results yet.So it is still mystery, who hurled shoes at MIM Chief and how they vanished?

When the shoes reached at the stage and there was commutation MIM Chief Owaisi stopped for a while and commented that the one who hurled shoes may be a Modi fan .Owaisi said that as he commented against PM Modi in his speech, shoes were hurled at him. A group of Ulema met additional CP of area and demanded that the accused persons must be arrested as early as possible .



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