Human Rights Watch Ask India Not To Deport Rohingyas

India must abide by its international obligations and must protect Rohingya Muslims who face persecution and threat to life and freedom:HRW

NEW DELHI: Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organisation, asked the government of India  not to forcibly deport Rohingya Muslim refugees to Myanmar .The international human right organisation said that Rohingya Muslims are facing worst systematic from Myanmar government , security force and officials.

It also reminded Indian government that India must abide by its international obligations and must protect Rohingya Muslims .The HRW took note of the statement given by central minister of, home affairs Kiran Rijiju, in Parliament who said that the government has issued  detailed instructions to the state governments for the deportation of all illegal immigrants including Rohingyas .

There are 40000 Rohingya Muslims refugees in India who are from ethnic minority community, said HRW.

South Asia director of Human Rights Watch , Meenakshi Ganguly , expressing the views of the international organization said ,”India has a long record of helping vulnerable populations fleeing  from neighboring  countries like Sri Lanka , Tibet ,Afghanistan.


Indian authorities should abide by India’s International obligations and not forcibly return any Rohingya to Burma without first fairly evaluating their claims. It has been reported that 16500 Rohingya Muslims staying in India are registered with United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRA).

But the Indian government seemed not  to agree  by UN agency’s  process and efforts. The minister of home affairs Kiran Rijiju said, ”They (UNRA)  are doing it. We cannot stop them from registering. But We are  not signatory to the accord on refugees .

The minister is echoing the intentions of government led by BJP .He further elaborated that all Rohingya Muslims , whether registered with UNRA or not , are illegal immigrants .They have no basis to live here .Anybody who is an illegal immigrant will be deported .

HRW said that although India is not a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 Protocol , it is still bound by the customary international laws not to forcibly return any refugee to a place where they face a serious risk of persecution or threat to their life or freedom.

Muslims protest against what they say is Myanmar’s crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, outside the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, Thailand November 25, 2016. REUTERS/Jorge Silva



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