MUMBAI: Former Anti Terrorist Squad Chief Hemant Karkare liad his life fighting against Pakistani terrorists on 26th November 2008. However this act of him has not earned respect from the supporters of bomb blast accused like Sadhvi Pragya Singh & Lt. Col. Purohit, who are hailing these accused as heroes, assailing and projecting late Hemant Karkare as a villain.

In a video clip which is circulating on social media, the wife of Lt. Col. Purohit, Mrs. Aparna Purohit is seen accusing ATS Officers Hemant Karkare, Param Vir Singh & Khanvilkar of physically torturing Lt.Col. Purohit. However, such allegations were also made in court, which did not stood the judicial scrutiny.

This video clip is now being used to garner sympathy and malign the image of late Hemant Karkare his officers of ATS who worked under him. Social media is being used for anti Hemant Karkare projections, as the news of Lt.Col.Purohit being granted interim bail spread.

One, Rakesh Dubey said, “ATS chief Hemant Karkare met his deserved end. Lt.Col. Purohit is innocent and a National Hero.”

Another person, Akhil Mishra commented “Hemant Karkare was an anti-Hindu and he tried to malign Hindu community to make others believe like the Congress that Hindus are biggest threat to India. God has shown his justice and we must be thankful to god for that.”

A.K. Jha said in his comment “Hemant Karkare has been wrongly projected as hero, a martyr. All he did was get shot by a single gunman and could not fire in return. He was probably awarded gallantry award to reward him for this job.”

Although, Lt. Col. Purohit has not been acquitted in the case inspite of getting interim bail. The trial against him will continue, but such reports are being spread as if he has been acquitted in the case. A political commentator said “Now, as Army Headquarter will get the copy of SC order, he will soon be attached to an army unit.”

The Gujarat Government reinstated all police officers who were implicated in fake encounter cases. After Karkare being maligned and condemned, a hero can be made out of Purohit.

Sanjiv Bhatt (IPS) commented sarcastically,”Me think Lt Col Purohit be reinstated and groomed to become COAS (Chief Of Army Staff) of New India in due course. What Say?”



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