Historical Religious Structures Demolished in Aurangabad

AURANGABAD: The demolition of many historical religious structures in the city is resulting in anger amongst the citizens. They are complaining that historical Mosque, temples and other religious structures, which existed for generations are being razed, during this drive .

MIM as well as Shiv Sena leaders are on the forefront to voice against the drive undertaken by Municipal Commissioner D M Mugalikar. The sources said that approximately 1100 illegal structures which are impediment to the road widening work are being demolished as per the order of High Court.

But, Mayor of Aurangabad Bhagwan Ghadamode told the civic officials that they should have brought to the notice of High Court that many religious structures which have been included in the demolition list are historic and centuries old in which, citizens are praying from many Generations.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena district leader Danve has alleged that lower rank civic officials did not apply mind while making a list of illegal shrines. He claimed that many temples were built long before AMC came into existence and civic panel should have considered the historical importance of these religious structures while making a development plan.

Local Sena MP Chanderkant Khaire accusing MC D M Mugalikar as irresponsible, threatened that the demolition drive can lead into serious law and order problem. He conveyed this message to the central home minister Shri Rajnath Singh. He alleged that many temples which are around 200 – 300 years old are being demolished by civic staff. He also said that civic officials are trying to destroy the communal harmony of the city by demolishing shrines.

MIM leaders and other Muslim organizations are also agitating against the civic drive. MIM and other Muslim leaders have alleged that civic staff is demolishing many religious structures which included many old and historical Dargahs and Masjids.

Muslim leaders also alleged that civic staff was reckless and irresponsible while preparing the list of alleged illegal religious structures. Muslim leaders alleged that many historical religious structures which stood for centuries and are registered with waqf board have been included in the list of illegal shrines.


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