Hindu Version Of ISIS Active In India ?

JAIPUR: The barbaric murder of Afrazul Khan and making the video clip of this murder to circulate in social media has proved the presence of a Hindu  version of ISIS  being active in India .

No sane Indian will believe in such deplorable crime .But it was committed in the name of fighting Love Jehad .So it can be understood how much hatred has been created against Indian Muslims in the fake name of Love Jehad .

The Afrazul Khan murder is a warning that some extremist and terrorist elements are copying the pervert activities and tactics of defamed ISIS in India.

The family members of Afrazul Khan are shocked .They demanded that those who killed Afrazul Khan in a most barbaric manner and made video clip of killing and circulated this in social media must be hanged .

The fact that the killers of  Afrazul Khan are terrorists like ISIS and their brutal killing  is an act of terror  is evident from video shooting of the killing .It was a planned act .

The purpose of video shooting and making of video clips to circulate is the tactics of ISIS adopted so that to create terror after posting such video clips of murders and killings. Such video clips are circulated to create the atmosphere of terror .

For the last few years, violent mobs are killing Muslims and Dalits  in the name Cow Protection .But this is the case of first mob killing in the name of Love Jehad .

Therefore, it shows that the reign of terror is being unleashed against minorities specially in the BJP ruled states.Does such incidents have anything to do with the state elections?

It is noted that previous cases of mob lynching were also timed along with the elections in some states. The present mob killing occurred when Gujarat is going to poll .Can one analyze this incident in reference with Gujarat elections to comprehend political reasons behind such killings ? It is the question which  needs to be answered .



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