Hindu Mahasabha Threatens To Kill Kamal Hassan

DELHI  : The actor  Kamal Hassan who is trying to jump into politics soon and other persons like him must be killed by shooting at them with bullets , such threats of murder has been issued as a statement by All India Hindu Maha Sabha .

The Sabha reacted in such way against the remarks of Kamal Hassan about Hindu terrorism .He said that the right wing powers  have begun to use violence as their arguments have failed .These people are involved in violence and  terrorism has crept into the Hindutvadi organisations , he remarked .

The All India Hindu Mahasabha  reacted to this statement of film actor Kamal Hassan .”Any  person like Kamal Hassan or such other must be killed by firing at them with bullets. This must be a lesson for them. Or they must be hanged .The person who uses foul language against Hinduism has no right to live .If any person insults Hinduism , he has no right to be alive ,” said  the Mahasabha  Vice President  Ashok Sharma .



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