NEW DELHI: The BJP government in Delhi and states are following very contradictory policies .The Beef policy adopted by BJP in Goa and North Eastern states are very different than Beef ban in Maharashtra, Up etc .Similar contradiction is seen as BJP is  making lot of noise to describe Bengali speaking Muslims of Assam as Bangladeshi infiltrators ,and at the same time , Central BJP Government under the PM Modi is helping Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh .

The Ministry of external affairs is running a relief program for Rohingya Muslim Refugees who have been sheltered in Bangladesh .This program has been named as “Operation- Insaniyat “.The MEA in a press statemen, described the program as following ,”In response to the humanitarian crisis being faced on account of large influx of refugees into Bangladesh , Government of India has decided to help Bangladesh .”

It is said that the MEA , on behalf of Modi Government is sending relief material for Rohingya Muslim refugees sheltered in Bangladesh .This relief material includes rice , pulses , sugar , salt ,cooking oil , tea , ready to eat noodles , buiscuits , mosquito nets etc .

For the last one year relief material worth Crores of rupees is being sent to Bangladesh by Indian Air Force planes.

While Modi Government openly expresses that India has cordial with Bangladesh , at international level BJP leaders , even ministers , MPs, MLAs are carrying out communal oriented hate campaign against Bangladesh in India to create rift among Hindus and Muslims of India .

It may be very important to note that how the Modi Government through MEA described its relation with Bangladesh .While sending the relief material for Rohingya Muslim  refugees under the title “ Operation – Insaniyat “ the press release further said , “India has always responded readily and swiftly to any crisis in Bangladesh , in keeping with the close ties of friendship between the people of India and Bangladesh .India stands ready to provide any assistance required by Government of Bangladesh in this hour of need .”

So one can ask BJP President and other leaders, why  your government do not take up the matter of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators with the Government of Bangladesh? Why your leaders are stoking communal hatred among Indian Muslims and Hindus by raking up in highly irresponsible manner?

Ruling party must answer .



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