DUBAI : According to a Gulf News Report ,hundreds UAE based  Heera Gold investors panicked by the news of arrest of Heera Gold Chief Alema Nauheera Shaikh marched at the Dubai office of Heera Group situated at Fortune Executive Tower , in Jumairah Lake Towers on Wednesday but hey were disappointed  as they found offices were locked and there was no one to answer their queries .

The Gulf News report filed by Mazhar Faruqi further said that  visits to Heera Gold company’s establishments in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaima were also  non responsive as many calls made drew blank .The newspaper reports says that there is a wide spread panic among the UAE investors of Heera Gold group .

The Ponzi scheme of Heera Group is believed to have attracted  many  UAE  residents  who suffered shock when  Alima Nau Heera Shaikh was arrested for cheating  .It is assumed that there are very large number of people in  UAE who invested huge money in Heera Gold group .

After the news of arrest of Heera Gold Chief , they are trying to contact the offices of Heera Group and representatives of the Group in UAE as well as in India but they are unsuccessful .This has created anxiety and concern among them .

The Gulf News report also claimed that after the news of Alema Nauheera Shaikh’s arrest , many UAE investors of Heera Group contacted Gulf News and they told that they invested in various Heera Gold schemes as they were peddled as “Halal Investments” but they are shocked to know that these are Ponzi Schemes where it seems that they have lost their entire life’s saving which they earned by working hard in these countries .


The Gulf News report recounted the miseries of many investors who narrated how they believed Heera Group’s  projection of its chief Alema  Nau Heera Shaikh as a pious Islamic scholar , a successful and honest Muslim Woman Entrepreneur and visionary .Therefore they  invested lakh of Dh in various Heera Group schemes .As they are not getting any satisfactory answer from any official or agent , they are much worried .



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