MUMBAI: According to the Hindu report ,  majority  of Heera Group investors were lured by Alema Nauheera Shaikh’s slogan “interest free world “  as  interest is forbidden in Islam and mostly Muslims were attracted by the group in the name of Islamic  & Halal investment  .

The majority of  victims of her alleged cheating are Muslims .The victims are coming out not only from Telangana and Maharashtra but as far as Jammu Kashmir in the North and Kerala in the South .A large number of them also reside in Middle East , the report further said  .

The Hindu spoke to many victims .It is revealed in such talk that most of the victims were advised by their relatives to invest in Heera Group as the company offered higher returns to their investments .It is reported that many victims invested their life savings and now they are  feeling that they lost everything now .

Many investors found Heera Group offers attractive as they did not like to deposit or invest their saving in banks , on religious ground .The report said that not only many rich Muslims who invested Crores in various schemes of the group are now feeling cheated , but there are poor Muslims also who collect Zakat , the Islamic charity money every year .

They invested their saving from such collections but they also lost their money .It is reported that Nauheera Shaikh who is in custody , reportedly admitted to the police that there are two lakh investors of her company who invested an amount of Rs. 1000  Crores .But she has not furnished details of her claim .



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