Heera Gold Offices in Mumbai ,Mira Road Searched By Mumbai Police

MUMBAI : Mumbai police searched the offices of Heera Gold in Mumbai and Mira Road as the part of their investigation .EOW , Crime Branch of Mumbai police arrested Alema Nauheera Shaikh in Hyderabad yesterday .She was brought to Mumbai on transit remand .

EOW  got her custody till November 3 , 2018 for investigation .According to sources , police officers presume that Heera Gold company is a huge ponzi  racket .It is estimated that thousands of rupees has been invested by a large number of investors in Mumbai , Thane and other districts .These investors believed that Heera Group is an Islamic  business group   and they are doing Halal investment .

Alema Nauheera Shaikh was granted bail by a court in Hyderabad which also directed her to deposit an amount of Rs.5 Crores in the court by October 29 .A Mumbai police  was waiting out side the court and as Alema NauHeera Shaikh was released in Hyderabad case , Mumbai police arrested her in the cases lodged against her in some police stations of Mumbai .



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