MUMBAI :Haji Mastan Mirza , a legendary figure of Mumbai’s underworld inspired Bollywood not only during life time , but also after his death.Ajay Devgan made a film “Once upon a time in Mumbai ,” which is said to have been made loosely  on the Haji Mastan’s life .

The ex- don of Mumbai was always inspiration to film personalities , as well as film makers .He also had a big presence in Bolly wood .His charm and attraction for Bollywood has been a subject of discussion.

Haji Mastan Mirza was very closed to Mumbai’s Hindi film world .Haji Mastan Mirza’s life  drew very much interest in Bollywood .

Many writers and directors were inspired by Haji Mastan’s life .They made films, the story which were written mirroring Haji Mastan .But it was not acknowledged .Famous film writers Salim – Javed, wrote film Deewar ,which was partially inspired by Haji Mastan’s life.

This film was made, when Haji Mastan was alive and active , so they could not take much liberty .But  it was said that  Salim – Javed crafted the role of Amitabh Bachan  hearing the life story of haji Mastan.The film was super hit .

Haji Mastan had many friends in Bollywood .Dilip Kumar was said to be the closest friend of haji Mastan  then. Dilip Kumar was super star, who was a Pathan , so he was also a very good friend of Karim Lala , the Pathan gangster from Dongri .Karim Lala was also an associate of Haji Mastan Mirza .

Those were the times when nobody objected to the friendship of film stars and mafia dons .But it was a trend among the big film personalities, whether they were actors, producers, directors, writers , financers , to show that they have many close friends in Mumbai’s under world .

It is said that in those times , friendship with underworld mafias and dons provided ecurity of work , safety of business interests , and in many cases this fetched work also .

Haji Mastan Mirza  who was a smuggler at one time , turned as builder .And after some times , he also became a leader .He launched a political party in the last decade of his life .He alongwith Dalit leader Jogender Kawade , formed Dalit Muslim Surakhsha Mahasangh .He died in 1994 , of natural death.

Bollywood still is inspired by Haji Mastan .




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