Haj Subsidy Withdrawn On Court Orders

MUMBAI: In 2012 the Supreme Court of India directed the central government to withdraw haj subsidy.”The subsidy money may be used more profitably for the up liftment  of the community in education and other indices of social developments,” the Judges of SC said.

The Judges also remarked that they have no authority to talk on behalf of Muslim community but it cited the Quran which said that Haj pilgrimage was mandatory only on those who can afford the expenses.

Now today , Minority Ministry , Government of India announced in a big way that Haj Subsidy has been abolished completely .The timing of this big announcement is very important .

Such announcement is being made in main stream media to coincide with the visit of Israeli PM to India .So it has been proved that Haj subsidy actually became the tool of politics not only for Congress who without any demand from Muslim Community, began it in 1994 .But BJP who had been criticizing Haj Subsidy as appeasement of Muslims by Congress abolished it  completely even as SC had directed to stop gradually till 2022.

So BJP ignored the SC direction partly just to use Haj Subsidy matter politically.

It may be recalled that Indian Muslims were very angry with Narsimha Rao Government of Congress after December 6 , 1992  demolition of babri Masjid and subsequent communal riots .

It was Narsimha Rao government which allowed Israel to establish embassy in Delhi in 1990s and began full diplomatic relations with Jewish state.

Muslims were very angry with Congress government led by Narsimha Rao .Therefore, that Congress government in its efforts to dilute Muslim anger, began Haj Subsidy in 1994 without any demand from Muslim community .It is a fact that Haj subsidy was a political move of Narsimha Rao government .

But the manner in which Modi government stopped it is also highly politically motivated act.




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