Saudi Arabia Government is receiving congratulatory messages for organizing a successful and incident free Hajj this year.

MAKKAH: Haj 2017, which  is being hailed as  grand success  concluded , without a single untoward incident. Approximately 1.7 million Hajis , from more  than 100 countries who performed Haj this year are preparing to leave for their countries.

The messages of congratulations pouring in hailing the Saudi Arabia government, Arab News report said. This Haj season was incredibly huge success, and incredible way to show the world the spirit of a united religion , the newspaper said .

Hajis  also hailed the efforts of Saudi Arabia government for providing them peerless services .Millions of pilgrims had a memorable experience of a lifetime journey , report added .

Arab News also said that a number of Islamic and Arab countries send messages of congratulation to Saudi Arabia, for huge success in organizing Hajj this year.

Prince Khalid thanked all concerned officials for organizing Hajj this year .He, according to Arab News report, said that arrangements this year were excellent at every step and each level , right from provision of services , execution of plans and conduct of workers .He also added that we don’t claim that we are perfect but we will improve transport and accommodation services every year .

The Hajj metro trains, which served the pilgrims between the holy  sites , operated smoothly this year , claimed Public Transport Authority President Mr .Rumaih Al Rumaih .This Metro railway line covers a distance of 20 km with 09 stations .

The 300 meters long train has capacity to carry 3200 pilgrims .The metro trains transported 72000 pilgrims every hour , the report said .

The  Saudi Arabian Airlines , which carried 470000 pilgrims , including Indian pilgrims , is now well prepared to carry out these pilgrims to their countries .The Saudia  airlines saw an increase of 40 % business this year .

Saudia introduced some new services this year which includes the option to leave bags at Makkah airport in advance of the departure date , to allow pilgrims more time to perform  their rituals and also help avoid congestion, delays at terminals .



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