GUJARAT : Dalit Dulhan Riding On A Horse ?

GUJARAT : Dalit Dulhan Riding On A Horse ?

AHMEDABAD: A barat of Dalit Dulhan and Dulhan riding a horse ? This is awakening in Gujarat where many Dalits were punished as Dalit Dulhas dared to ride a horse .Now Dalit girls are challenging such caste- extremists .

Dalit MLA from Gujarat said ,”In India, even today Dalits are attacked for merely riding a horse. Breaking not just caste but even gender stigma, one of my team member’s sister climbed the horse on her wedding! Proud of her courage & wishing her a very happy married life.”

The reaction by public was also encouraging.

One commentator said , That’s great each n every natural thing belongs to every human being this casteism should be finished from India we r proud to be a bhartiya and all should be equal



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