Here’s Your Guide to Shopping Smart on the Streets of Mumbai

Shopping seems to be exciting and all, but doesn’t end quite well if you don’t get what you’re looking for.  Sometimes you’re tired to look for more; sometimes you’re so disappointed that you literally give up on the world.

Here’s a list of seven awesome tips that’ll help you gear up and be all prepared for the next time you street shop.

1. The earlier the better? Not really.

The early flock gets the best of all. Not in this case.

Being the first customer might actually put you in distress. The shopkeeper might not treat your bargaining well for he might get a better price later that day.


So leave a bit late, and conquer the rate!

2. Carry change…always.

People in Mumbai usually believe, “Card hai to paisa bohothai”. One, it lessens your chances to bargain. And two, you obviously can’t go running here and there wasting your time and energy looking for ATM’s.

Carry Change
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So don’t forget to keep some cash handy when you’re shopping at the local markets.

3. Excited? Play calm.

Your excitement can be your biggest enemy when it comes to street shopping. Don’t forget that if you’re smart, the shopkeepers are smarter. Once they know you’re really interested in something, they won’t bargain for they know you’re gonna end up buying it anyway.

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So the next time you come across something really great, just put on the “I don’t care, whatever” mask.

4. Not sure of something? Don’t buy

Having double thoughts while shopping runs in every woman’s blood. Our suggestion to you would be move on, and not waste too much of your time bargaining for it.

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Because if you’re having second thoughts, it obviously isn’t worth all the effort.

5. Look for loopholes.

Export rejects are in abundance, so make sure you check every nook and corner of the dress. Who knows, you might get lucky with some defect and bag it at a great price.

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Also, if you think not finding your size or buying a defective piece is a downer, its time you show some courage to purchase it and then let the tailor do his work for you!

6. Keep your feet happy

Street shopping gets your entire day invested. And since there’s no alternative to walking, make sure you pick the most comfortable pair of shoes for the day.

happy feet
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After all, happy legs lead to happy shopping bags.

7. Go through the entire market TWICE!

You think that you’ve covered it all, but that’s not really it my ladies! There’s always something great you might miss upon only to realize later.


So when you reach the end of the street, turn around for a quick walk backwards and we bet you’ll stumble across something amazing.




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