Why Govt Favoring Private Haj Tour Operators Over Official Haj Committee?

MUMBAI: Is the central government  favoring Private Haj Tour operators over  government controlled official Haj Committee of India , as new Haj Plan  advised reduction in  Haj Visa Quota of  government  controlled  Haj Committee  of India  by 6000 and diverting it to Private Haj Tour Operators ?

The minority ministry review committee formed to present Haj Plan 2018 has come into sharp criticism from many quarters for increasing quota of private tour operators while many Haj Committee of India members had demanded a reduction in PTO quota as there are more than 3 lakh applicants in waiting list of Central Haj Committee Of India.

According to sources, the new  Haj Plan has suggested that all Haj visas  granted to India by Saudi Arab government must be distributed in 70 : 30 ratio. The Indian quota of Haj is 1, 70,000 .This year the HCI distributed these visa as per the following:

Haj Committee of India: 1,20,000  Haj visas

Private tour operators    : 45000    Haj visas ;

If the new Haj plan is implemented the above visa distribution will change as following:

Haj Committee of India : 1, 19,000 Haj visas.

Private tour operators:  51000 Haj visas.

The above details clearly show that next year , approximately 6000 visas will be increased in favor of private tour operators .That will put more pressure on the applicants of Haj Committee of India  as it has a long waiting list running in lakhs .

Every year HCI is conducting draws, to select the aspirants of haj as the quota allotted to it is hardly 1/3 of the applications it receives .There are many applicants who are waiting for their turn for many years .So, instead of decreasing the visa quota allotted to PTO to reduce the burgeoning waiting list of HCI, the new Haj plan has decided in favor of PTOs by increasing the  allotted visa .

The new Haj Plan reduces the Haj quota allotted to HCI by 6 thousands, and it will disappoint thousands of aspirants of Haj who are applying for the last so many years , hoping that in coming years , they will get a life time chance to  perform Haj , when the Haj Quota of HCI will be further increased .

New Haj Plan has disappointed all such aspirants and lakhs of applicants on waiting list.




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