Government Concealing Data Of Muslims in Police Force ?

Government Concealing Data Of Muslims in Police Force ?

NEW DELHI : The Indian Government  has concealed data about Muslim minority in police force .This has been revealed during an study by Common Cause Centre for The Study of Developing Societies .Due to such deliberate concealment of Muslim representation in police forces of India , the study could not be done on the relevant topic .It has been alleged that Muslims are highly un represented in the police forces of various states and in central police organisations.But as far as number of Muslims in police forces is concerned , it has been revealed that Government is concealing the data .This is hampering the serious study  on this subject .

The study by CSDS also revealed that  other weaker sections of the society like , SCs , STs , OBCs and Women are also  under represented in many police forces .In case of Muslims , the situation may be worst .therefore , it is alleged that data is being concealed by the Government .

Many  studies have revealed that those communities , castes and marginalized groups which have inadequate representation in Police Forces do not get justice .They have major grievances of bias against the police .Many inquiry commissions have suggested  that all police forces must have proportionate  representation of minorities and weaker sections of society .But those advises are being thrown into dust bins for long .



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