NEW DELHI: Why Mahatma Gandhi was not provided security by Independent India although five failed attempts were made during British rule and independent Indian to assassinate him?


Why independent India failed to protect its father of Nation? Why killers of Mahatama Gandhi who attempted to kill him on four previous occasions during British Raj, and failed but became successful in the very 2nd  attempt  made within after the Indian government took over the power of Independent India ? Gandhi was killed by Godse and company in a sixth murder attempt on January 30 , 1948 .

The above said questions need explanation as some persons are trying to reopen the Gandhi murder case through SC of India.

It is said that in a period of 14 years since 1934, as many as six attempts were made to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

The following are the attempts made by killers to kill Gandhi:

(1) On June 25 1934/PUNE:

A bomb was thrown in Pune at the car when Mahatma Gandhi visited Pune with his wife .Two similar cars were used to carry Gandhi , but the original car with Gandhi stuck up at  a railway crossing and was late to arrive at Auditorium .The other car entered  earlier .The bomb was thrown by anti Gandhi Hindu extremists .The chief officer of the Pune corporation and  two police officers were injured .

(2) In July 1944 /PUNCHGANI:

After his release from Pune’s Agha Khan Palace , Gandhi went to a hill resort Panchgani  due to health problems .Nathu Ram Godse along with his associates protested against Gandhi  there .He was invited for a discussion but he refused .During the evening prayer meeting Godse attempted  to  kill Gandhi as he entered the premises with dagger but he was overpowered by  Manishankar Purohit , owner of Surti lodge , Pune and Bhillare Guruji of  Satara  . Godse  wa asked by Gandhi to   spend 8 days with him so that he could listen and understand his grievances but Godse refused .Gandhi pardoned him and he was allowed to go

(3)In September 1944 /BOMBAY:

Godse , Thatte  and others attempted to kill Gandhi at his meetings with Jinnah.Godse was stopped by volunteers when he tried to reach upto Gandhi with a dagger .Police said that a sword was also recovered from the group leader of radical Hindu youths .

(4) On June 30 , 1946 /PUNE :

Gandhi special train met with an accident in between NERAL and KARJAT stations. Loco pilot said in his reports that boulders were put on the tracks with the intention to derail the train .Though train crashed into it but the tragedy was averted .Gandhi ji said in the prayer meeting : I escaped from the jaws of death .

(5) On January 20 , 1948 /DELHI :

At Birla House, Delhi, just 10 days ago , of the final act , Gandhi was made target of yet another unsuccessful murder attempt .A desi bomb was exploded by a seven member gang to kill Gandhi .Madanlal Pahwa ,Nathu Ram Godse , Narayan Apte , Vishnu Karkare , Digamber badge , Gopal Godse and Shankar Kistaiya were members of this gang whose attempt to kill Gandhi by bomb blast failed .

(6) On January 30 , 1948 /DELHI :

The final act came on this day when Nathu Ram Godse  who was unsuccessful in many previous attempts to kill Gandhi , accomplished his criminal mission .He fired 3 bullets from his pistol and killed Gandhi at Birla Bhawan , Delhi .



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