Did Gandhi Blackmail Dr. Ambedkar For Poona -Pact?

PUNE: Did Gandhi blackmailed Dr.Ambedkar to submit into Poona Pact by his fast in 193 ? Such question is being raised and answers are being sought by many political thinkers.

S.T.Gopala Krishna in his book “Ex Untouchables: Untouchable’s Conversion To Hinduism “, quoted Prof. H Qureshi .According to the book, Prof H Qureshi said, after Poona Pact 1932 that Gandhi black mailed Dr. Ambedkar by his unjust fast unto death for renouncing separate electorate for the untouchables .Is there any change in the status of untouchables after giving up separate electorate theory and instead agreeing to the joint electorate system through Poona Pact?

S.T.Gopala krishna , further said in his book ,”The Poona Pact was aimed at preserving the numerical strength of Hindu communities to submit their claims to the British government with an idea of dividing British India on religion basis and to provide a separate nation to Muslims , expecting a large portion for Hindus .

” The only concern for Hindus that their numerical strength as Hindus should not come down .Therefore the ongoing conversion of untouchables to Islam and Christianity was discouraged by Hindu leaders whenever they tried to generate compelling in the form of demanding their civil rights , they were suppressed .” observed S.T.Gopala Krishna in his book “Ex-Untouchables : Untouchables Conversion To Hinduism .

The untouchables were forced to sign the Poona Pact, under the coercive fast of Mr. Gandhi, some Dalit thinkers still believe.

Dr. Ambedkar denounced it very next day expressing his views, “The untouchables were sad .They had very reason to be sad.”

He continued denouncing the Poona Pact till his last breath in 1956, according to some historians  .The following books are being referred , which according to some historians , contain the condemnation of Poona Pact by Dr. Ambedkar .

  • What Congress And Gandhi Have Done To The Untouchables? Published in 1945 .
  • States And Minorities , Published in 1947 ,

In one book , Dr. Ambedkar said ,

“There was nothing noble in the fast .It was a foul and filthy act .The fast was not for the benefit for the untouchables. It was against them and was the worst form of coercion against the helpless people to give up the constitutional safeguards of which they had been in possession under Prime Minister’s award and agree to live on the mercy of the Hindus .It was a veiled and wicked act. How can the untouchables regard such a man as honest and sincere? ”

While the other book has a reference from Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar , which said ,

“The Poona Pact is thus fraught with mischief .It was accepted because fast of the Gandhi and because of assurance given the   at the time that the Hindus will not interfere in the election of Schedule Castes.”There are some parts of history , like this , which needs to be re visited and re analysed .




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