Frightening The Country Of Another Partition? He Is A Union Minister

NEW DELHI: Frightening the country of yet another partition when Independence of India completes 100 years , in  2047 ? Who is he ? None other than a central Minister  of Modi government .He is creating fear psychosis , opposition leaders claim , just to further polarization of  votes .

Union Minister and Niwada MP GiriRaj Singh triggered yet another controversy while he said that population explosion of divisive forces might lead to another partition in 2047  as the conditions may be similar to those that led to partition in 1947 .

The minister terribly failed to compare the circumstances which prevailed in 1947  at the time of Independence .It was not the population explosion , but unfortunate policies of British  to divide and rule for the preceding 200 years  which led to partition .

But after the partition and Independence , a free India has come to the stage during the last 70 years where another partition is impossible , said a political leader .But as Union Minister Giri Raj Singh is notorious for raking controversies through rabid communal statements , he is playing with fire this time by  predicting another partition in 2047 .

The political analysts say that he will be proved wrong not only in 2047 , but also after wards .This  fact is known to him also but by such irresponsible statement , he is trying to create communal rift and spread hatred among communities for short term political gains. His  such communal statements can surely be the troublesome for law and order machinery as it can lead to riots but he may be proved wrong as there cannot be another partition , experts say .

The condition prevailing in the country during the last seven decades of the Independence ensured that Nation has come out of those pre Independence conditions which lead to the partition of the country .Experts say that Union Minister is not competent to judge the history  and circumstances which led to partition of the country , so he is trying to misguide a section of Indian society for communal political gains .



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