NEW DELHI: Who fired 4th bullet at Mahatama Gandhi , which actually killed him ? Who were other mysterious killers involved in Gandhi murder ? Was Gandhi Murder a biggest cover up of the history ?

Such questions are being raised by Dr. Pankaj Phadnis , whose petition for  instruction of  a reinvestigation of Gandhi murder case was heard and being posted by SC on October 30 , 2017 .

The following are the facts about Dr. Phadnis and his petition :

Dr. Pankaj Phadnis , who claims that he is the founder of modern Abhinav Bharat , has filed petition in SC.He wants that Mahatama Gandhi murder case must be reinvestigated .

He claims that a fourth bullet was also fired at Mahatama Gandhi .Usually, it is said that Godse fired three bullets from his pistol and Mahatama Gandhi was killed by him.

But Dr. Pankaj Phadnis alleged that fourth bullet was also fired at Gandhi and it was this fourth bullet which killed Gandhi .He insists that four bullets were fired at Gandhi.He said that there was another person who killed Gandhi .

Dr.Fadnis said that he wants to know who fired this 4th bullet and from where this mystery bullet came from?

Dr.Pankaj Phadis has been researching the papers and documents related to Mahatama Gandhi murder case.His petition has made this mystery bullet a riddle.

Along with his petition , he enclosed a  copy of letter of the then IG of Delhi province police to  the Director Scientific Laboratory ,East  Punjab .This letter which was dated May06 , 1948 , also  raised  question about  bullets fired at Gandhi .

The IG wanted to know if the bullet seized by police in Gwalior, in what is said as the dry run or trial of Gandhi murder matches Bretta pistol bullets seized after murder.


Another fact raised by Dr. Pankaj Phadnis , is  that when Godse was said to have fired at Mahatama Gandhi , US vice counsel attached to US embassy in New Delhi Mr.Herbert Tom Reiner was present their .


Actually US vice counsel Reiner nabbed Godse  and he was among first persons to disarm Godse .

But he was not made a witness in the Gandhi murder case.

Weapon of Gandhi Murder

The murder weapon in Gandhi murder case is a Beretta pistol .Godse got this pistol from Gwalior .The investigations said that this weapon of murder changed many hands before it was handed over to Nathu Ram Godse for the crime .

From many persons, the Beretta pistol was received by Jagdish Prasad Goel , who passed it on to gangadhar Dandavate .This was Dandavate who handed over the weapon to Godse , it is said .



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