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Film Star Kader Khan Devotes Him To Islam And Education


MUMBAI :For those who know Kader Khan ,as a film person, this may be a surprising news .They know him as a funny or ferocious screen person or  a dialogue writer who created many laugh riots on Indian silver screen .But ,it is not surprising for those who know real Khan Khan from the time he was  a teacher and lecturer at Mumbai’s prestigious Saboo Siddik Technical School and Poly Technic.He was a devoted teacher , educationist basically.And he wrote Urdu one act plays ,during his free time , for his school ,polytechnic as well as , his darma group.His father was a religious scholar so he had a religious upbringing from very early age.


This writer was his student at Saboo Siddiq School and we both were guest at afunction in Mumbra.Although Mr.Kader Khan stayed at Santacruz and he had an operation in his right leg .He could not walk properly .But a NGO “UMMEED” which is working for the physically challenged children , Mr.Kader Khan willingly came to this city ,where a big number of poor Muslims stay.He spoke to a gathering which consisted of parents and physically challenged children.Kader Khan spoke about his passion ,which is education ,and his faith ,which is Islam.He told that he has done a lot of work in films .And now he has returned to his basic love that teaching  and education.He is writing books which can be useful for Islamic learning of scores of Muslim students who are educated   in English medium schools .I personally know , Mr.kader Khan is  a better teacher ,so his book may immensely be useful for coming Muslim generations.

Kader Khan honoring this writer who was his student
Kader Khan honoring this writer who was his student












  1. Dear Saeed Hamid Saheb………………Assalam-wa-alaikum
    As per my words, I have gone through your papers and Kader Khan’s declaration.
    I do congratulate you for such a briliant english paper. Please treat me as your one of the admirer.
    Qazi Mehtab

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