Why Film NIKAH Made On Triple Talaq Created Controversy In 1980s ?

MUMBAI : Triple Talaq and Halala are issues which require more  public awareness among Muslims specially , and such awareness is being created through various medium , which had community support .A box office hit  Urdu/Hindi film Nikah , made by famous film maker B R Chopra in 1980s  is an example , of sincere effort to create awareness against misuse or misapplication of instant triple talaq in one sitting, was supported and welcomed later on , by Muslim community   .

Famous film director producer made a film based on the subject of how triple Talaq , if given , not considering the consequences including Halala , can be disastrous .

This film was  , in the beginning made with title,”Talaq-Talaq-Talaq “.Muslim community raised objection on the title itself .In 1980s many so called reformists were  raising the voice of striking down of Muslim personal law and enforcement of common civil code .

Prominent among them was Hamid Dalwai and his wife  Mehrunnisa Dalwai  of Muslim Satya Shodhak Samaj in Mumbai and Maharashtra .The title of the film sent a negative message and Muslims felt that this film may also be the part of anti Muslim personal law propaganda .

Many orthodox Muslims felt that if a Muslim husband told the title of the film “Talaq-Talaq –Talaq “ to his wife , it will be construed as triple talaq and can  dissolve the  marriage .

Such debates were triggered in the Muslim community and Muslim press , so the agitation began over the film and it’s title .

This film , was a Muslim social film and was made by B R Chopra , who had good reputation in film fans .It has a promising caste , of that time .Salma Agha , a famous actoress , singer from Pakistan was  playing the leading character along with Raj Babbar and Deepak Prashar .The  decade of 1980s was such sensitive ,when Muslim community was gripped with emotional problems like minority character of Ali Garh Muslim University , Communal riots , Shah Bano Case , Muslim Personel law , Babri Masjid , derogatory book of Salman Rushdi etc .

The title of the film” Talaq-Talaq –Talaq “ created much rage and controversy , as film  was ready for release .

B.R.Chopra arranged special preview shows of the film for prominent Muslims , including experts of Muslim law , to make them understand that content of the film is not offending to Muslims or Islamic laws .The film was made taking all precautions. Muslim representatives who saw the film , were satisfied with content of the film .But they suggested that title of the film must be changed .

So , B R Chopra changed the title of the film as NIKAH and film was  a super hit .Muslims in large number , including burqa clad Muslim women .Muslims appreciated this film , as it was a sincere efforts to create public awareness against misuse of triple talaq and it diid not made mockery of Islamic law .It did not also , raised voice of banning Islamic laws and imposing of common civil code .Therefore , this film became popular amongst Muslims also .Such sincere efforts  to educate against misuse and misapplication of triple Talaq was not made afterwards .



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