A Film Actor Challenging Hidutvadi Extremists

HYDERABAD: Film actor Prakash Raj is challenging the Hindutva wadi forces in a big way .There is no other actor who has courage to take on the extremists ruining the country .Therefore a lot of silent majority of common and secular citizens are praising the efforts of Prakash raj .

The South Indian actor through his tweets is actually creating an awareness campaign against Hidutvadi terrorism.

When BJP leaders raked Taj Mahal controversy, Prakash Raj exposed their intentions and challenged them in social media through his messages.

His one tweet message said,” Since you have started digging at the foundation of Taj Mahal , when do you intend to bring it down. We can at least take our children and show it one last time.”

He is putting questions to the Hindutvadis. Why? He explains, “Everyone has a right to differ with what I express but to those who are constantly trolling me , your language is disgusting .

Every single abuse of yours makes me stronger to express my concerns and I can see the face behind that mask of yours clearer. He is being trolled by Hindutvadis .He is abused and  receiving threatening messages on line .But the extremists are not answering him and  questions raised by him .

Many of his critics are branding him as anti-Modi but he says that this allegation against him is false .He said that he respects Mr.Modi as the PM of India as majority of Indians elected him to that post.

He further said that after being elected as PM , Mr.Modi is not a  just a leader of a political party but the PM of entire nation and India is a secular nation .

He also said that as an artiste and a citizen , he has every right to disagree with PM or have a dialogue with him .

But he said that he was very disappointed when the PM remained silent on the murder of Gawri Lankesh .

He also expressed his surprise that  the PM followed on twitter those  who celebrated  killing of Gawri Lankesh .





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