Famous Indian Singer Kabir Suman Sings For Rohingya Muslims, Condemns Myanmar Army

DHAKA : The famous Bngali singer from India Kabir Suman released a music album condemning  genocide of Myanmar Army against helpless Rohingya Muslims . He just released a track in support of Rohingya Muslims .

The song is in Bengali .In a grim tone , the singer Kabir Suman condemned Myanamar military persecutions and killings against Rohingya Muslims .The released song is of 4 minutes 32 second duration .Kabir Suman mocke the peace and Lotus in this song .

It may be noted that Mr.Kabir Suman is a singer , poet , writer , musician music  director , journalist , writer , director from West Bengal , India .He  is a former MP  and was elected to Lok Sabha in 2009  from Jadavpur Constituency , Kolkatta , on Trinamool Congress ticket .

He shot to fame when he declared to convert to Islam as a protest when Bajrang Dal activists killed a Christian missionary Graham Stains in Odisha .His former name was Suman Chattopadhyaye .After he converted to Islam to protest against the murder of Priest Graham Stains and his family , he changed his name as Suman Kabir .He married a  Bangladeshi Muslim woman after converting to Islam .

Kabir Suman is hailed as the pioneer of alternative  Bengali Music in  1991  .His albums Tomake Chai  ( I Want You ) and Bhoshe Anko ( Sit And Draw ) acclaimed big success in 1990 .He advocated new trend in Bengali Music  with songs  that were written , composed and sung by one artiste only .Many other Bengali Musicians and artistes followed his trend .

During Gujarat riots in 2002  , Kabir Suman protested against the killings and destruction of Muslims by composing songs .He also supported Nandi Gram Land movement and dedicated two music albums to the volunteers of this movement .He  allied with  Trinamool Congress during his support to Nandi Gram land movement .In 2009 , he won the Loksabha  election from Kolkatta with a huge margin of 54000  votes on TNC ticket

And defeated CPI rival .He also supported the tribal movements .Now , he has come out in open support of Rohingya Muslims .He released  his song in support of Rohingya Muslims and condemning  Myanmar army online .



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