Even After 4 Years Of Application, Not Considered For Haj?

MUMBAI: New Haj policy has come under severe criticism from many Muslims and those applicants who are applying for the Haj unsuccessfully for the last 4 years .They are very much disappointed. The Haj Committee scraped reserved category for those applicant who were not selected for the past 4 years.

There are thousands of Haj applicants who are applying to the Central haj Committee of India to go for Haj. But despite that they are unable as they are not selected in Qurra (lottery to select successful applicants ) and such applicants were separately categorised in reserve category this category has been scrapped from this year  .


So it will be gross injustice for these applicants as more than 4 lakh applicant apply every year for 1.20 lakh Haj visas .The chances of such applicants will become dim .Such B category applicants had better chances to go for the Haj if their reserve category was not  revoked  .

It is said that only from Maharashtra , there are more than 10 thousand applicants who failed to go for Haj even after applying every year for the past 4 years .It is said that the scrapping of B reserve category for Haj applicants is gross injustice to those applicant who are unsuccessful to go for Haj despite applying every year for the past  four years or more. So such aggrieved applicants will move court if government does not   revoke its decision.



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