Why Europe Rejected EVMs and India Adopted These ?

LONDON: The Indians who are raising voice against the EVMs are not the first persons in any democracy as Europe had already rejected digital voting machines and EVMs , whereas nations like India and Pakistan adopted these machines in the name of digitisation .


The European countries rejected the digital voting machines not only because of the exorbitant costs but also for the lack of confidence and lack of faith of public.

Ireland embarked upon the e voting in 2006 but it was rejected within few years .When the old pencil voting was rejected calling it as stupid old method, Ireland was very excited and boasted of converting to the e voting scheme.

But high costs were one concern as the e voting required huge budget, the voters expressed suspicion and doubt over the machines as these did not give tangible records and only a beep intimated

the voter that his vote has been caste .

The Indian democracy is raising such doubts on EVMs in 2017 where as voters in Ireland expressed resentment over these EVMs in 2006 which did not give tangible proof of votes being caste in favor of voter’s choice .

The TIME magazine published an article which said that mistakes or manipulations of EVMs or the digital voting machines a does not need any conspiracy theorist to understand. As most computer users know today that computers have bugs and can be hacked.

European voters knew it far better than Indians that any digital device can be manipulated so they had little trust on EVMs.

Ireland introduced EVMs in 2006.But soon it resorted to the old type of polling and rejected the EVMs.

In Germany also , there was a big protest against use of EVMs in elections .The matter was dragged into courts .The Supreme Court in Germany held that elections and  polling through are unconstitutional because average citizen could not be expected to understand the steps involved in recording and counting , tallying of votes .Most of the European citizens  were of the opinion that electronic voting is insecure .They rejected EVMs.

But in many developing countries EVMs were eagerly welcomed .Some European activists and scientists who campaigned against use of EVMs allege that the governments in most of the developing countries are often too eager to manipulate votes.

So the voice against EVMs is becoming louder and louder  election after election .The question remains , why India adopted to the EVMs after these were rejected by many European countries ?





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